Video Scripting


Ganassi “Everyday Greatness”

This video was produced in collaboration with Bryan Kryder and FME Studios to bring to the life the tremendous efforts of the Ganassi Racing team to strive for greatness everyday. The juxtaposition of the spot is to show how people everyday regardless of their industry, are doing the same. This was shot using RED Cameras and Canon Cine Prime Lenses over the course of three days in Indianapolis. The script was written to be both persuasive and confident in tone to drive home the messaging that we created for “EveryDay Greatness.”

Script, Co-Producer – IKECONIC
Creative Director, Co-Producer – Bryan Kryder
Production Agency – FME Studios

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This video was produced to as a “hype video” to get people excited about the level of technology, exercise science, physical therapy, and individual programming IFAST utilizes when working with the different professional, amateur, and former athletes that are clients. The script was written in a very confident, empowering, and direct tone to find and motivate the competitive athlete in all of us.

The video was shot on location in Indianapolis at IFAST and we utilized a BlackMagic Design Ursa Mini 4k and Sigma Art lenses for the production.

Script, Producer – IKECONIC
Production Agency – FME Studios
Photography – Bryan Kryder

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Howl & Hide Supply Company “Tradition”

This video was produced to help launch the Howl & Hide brand to the masses. The script was written to support the personality of the owner and his drive to get back to good old fashioned American handmade craftsmanship. The visuals reflected the gritty sense of the materials of the product and an attitude to be the best.

The video was shot in Indianapolis over two separate days to get the right balance of the product being made and then out in lifestyle settings.

Producer, Script – IKECONIC
Director, Editor – Jay Sheets
PA – Harvey Media

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LLS “Faces”

This video was produced to raise awareness, acquire donations, and inspire those to get involved with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The script was written to honor those who lost their fight, inspire those who are fighting, and bring an aspirational tone that there will be a cure. The concept of “Faces” came from the place where everyone has a unique story, yet the fight to battle cancer unites and brings strength to those who need it most.

The video was shot in Indianapolis across several days and used in campaign efforts and on the web.

Script, Producer – IKECONIC
Director, Editor – Jay Sheets

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Triton “Better Water, Better Beer” Video

IKECONIC scripted and produced the brand film to bring to the life the foundation of amazing craft beer, the water. The video reflected the unique and expressive feel of the Triton brand.

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Millennium Sounds TV Spot

IKECONIC collaborated with Millennium Sounds, and Pat McAfee to develop three TV spots to show the vast home automation, outdoor entertaining, and gaming/home theater products and services they provide.

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James Dant “Life. Well Made.” Video

IKECONIC and Jay Sheets teamed up with James Dant in hopes of spreading their brand across Central Indiana. A conclusive branding review of James Dant, and the story behind the storefront, led to a marketing campaign centered on life – well made.

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LIDS was launching a new service that would connect fans with their favorite sports team’s gear regardless of where they were. There was no better way to show off team spirit than a little office rivalry and promote the new Any Team. Any Time. Any Where.

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NextGear Capital “What Matters Most” VIDEO

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