Katz, Sapper, and Miller “You Define It”


This video was produced as the start of a recruiting campaign for Katz, Sapper, & Miller to reach millennials. The campaign was created out of the idea that KSM offers a remarkable company culture that rewards an employee’s hard work, dedication, and drive to be the best by helping that employee define their future and goals at KSM. We produced a piece that was engaging, entertaining, and a little unexpected to break through the clutter of similar looking recruiting pieces within the accounting space. Our goal was to have viewers each take away something unique and individual to them to reflect KSM’s approach to defining their specific goals at the company.

This video was shot at three different locations in Indianapolis – White River State Park, Butler University, and Katz, Sapper, and Miller’s headquarters. We used BlackMagic Design Ursa Mini 4K, Sigma Art Lenses, and a DJI Ronin.

Producer, Creative Director – IKECONIC
Co-Creative Director Editor – Jay Sheets
Production Agency – FME Studios
Script – Kevin Cranfill

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